Changing my plans.

After hearing multiple comments from multiple people about how I should/need to live on campus, it made me realize that I actually do want to live on campus, but I don’t want to go in blind and not know who my roommate is. So, I told myself that if I found a roommate, I would live on campus and be okay with the living cost.

A couple days after I signed up for Fast Track, something made me ask my friend Olivia where she was going to college. After she said EMU, I asked if she was commuting or living on campus, and she said commuting. I expressed my thoughts about how I didn’t want to go in blind but wanted to live on campus, and surprisingly she said she felt the exact same way, but her mom told her that she wasn’t sure if Olivia was ready to live on her own yet. With both of us wanting to live on campus but not go in blind, we started to think about what it would be like if we were roommates, though we both knew we couldn’t get too excited because she still had to talk to her mom about it. The day after that, she talked to her mom and surprisingly her mom said it was okay because she would be rooming with me and it’s only 20 minutes away. We were so excited, but then the next obstacle came into the picture when Olivia looked to see if her Financial Aid scholarship from Eastern would cover the room & board and it said it wouldn’t. This was on a Sunday, so she sent off an email asking about it and figured she would hear back on Monday. Monday came along and she texted me and said that all someone had to do was switch the living situation that she had previously selected, and it would be covered. So finally, we could get excited because we both now have a roommate secured and are able to live on campus.

We were so excited to start the process of filling out the housing application and making this real that as soon as we both got home from school Tuesday, we hopped onto FaceTime and started filling out the housing application at the same time. After about 5 minutes into that process we hit another road block because we are both under 18. We couldn’t continue until we printed a 3-page contract that our parent had to sign and then we could either turn it in by going to EMU and handing it to them, or we could scan it and email it to somebody as a PDF. Luckily we both have printers that have a scan feature, so we were able to do that option. However, the person didn’t email us back giving us the go ahead until after 5:00, and by that point our sessions had timed out and the page wouldn’t refresh for either of us, so we had to wait yet again. Wednesday came along, and right after school we hopped on FaceTime again and filled out the rest, which included a nonrefundable prepayment of $100. Finally all of this becomes real and we’re officially in the system to live on campus. Choosing the room and residence hall we want doesn’t open until June, so we now have to wait again a couple months to continue this process.


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