Choosing My Roommate and Room

At the beginning of June, I was finally able to go into the portal to choose my roommate. If you have read the other posts I’ve written, you know that I already figured out who my roommate is going to be. All I had to do that day was go in and type Olivia’s name. Since we were on FaceTime, we did it at the same time, and then we had to accept each other’s request. It was a very short process, so I didn’t do a post about it on its own.

              Today, however, is a bigger and more exciting day. Today I get to choose the exact room where I will live for 8 months! I started skyping Olivia around 10:30 in the morning because we were both so excited. Our assigned time and date to be able to do everything said July 18, 2016 at 12:00 P.M. I logged into the portal at 11:54 and it was the longest 6 minutes of my life. We were counting down the seconds until it reached 12:00, and once it was exactly 12:00 we refreshed the page. It still said we weren’t able to do anything, so I probably refreshed the page 10 times within 30 seconds, and finally I got in!
              The first step is to choose the hall that I want to be in, and that was the easiest part. The next thing I had to do was choose the floor I wanted to be on. It confused me a bit because the ground floor is Male-only, and I assumed that meant the “first floor” but the “first” floor is actually the second floor on the building. So there’s a ground floor, first floor, second, third, and fourth floor. Olivia and I had previously decided that we wanted to be on the first floor, which is technically the second floor to us. I chose that and then it gave me the options of the rooms that were open. I had to choose one that said Female, and 2/2 beds available, beause I already chose Olivia as my roommate. So we were going through the options and the way we were choosing the room was by what numbers jumped out at us. Not too close to the stairs because we don’t know how loud it can be, and finally, since the rooms are suites (two rooms that connect through a bathroom), we wanted to be on the shower-side of the bathroom, not the toilet side. The room that fit our requirements was room 111. Convenient, I know. It should be pretty easy to remember, I think!
              After I selected that, I had to choose my meal plan. There are three options and I have been thinking about them for 2 months, trying to figure out which one is best for me. I selected the one I had ultimately decided would be the best, and if I decide that it isn’t perfect, I can always change it for my 2nd semester of the year.
              As I said, I was on skype with Olivia and after we both got through the process, we were so excited. Olivia had found a while ago how to address something so it will get to our mailbox on campus, so we both wrote that down and sent the picture to our moms.
              It’s very real now, having a new address that will be mine for 8 months. I chose the room that I will be living in for 8 months of my life! I’m not even 18 yet, though I will be in 12 days, and I chose a room that has an address for people to send me mail! All I have to do now is buy everything else I will need in my room. Move-in day is September 2nd, so I still have a while, thankfully.

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